Re-Imagined (15/10/2018)

Tineke will be presenting her re-imagined jewellery along with other artwork at a group exhibition in Fremantle, Australia.

"I re-imagined existing pieces of jewellery of high emotional value and made of precious materials, or precious in other ways but for some reason could not be worn by the owner. For instance, a wedding ring of a parent or a favourite pair of broken earrings, or the cat’s failed catch of a lizard left to dry. The re-imagining happened in consultation, and in some cases stones or other design features were added and the jewellery was refitted for a different use or purpose. For instance a ring became a pendant or a series of links from a heavy bracelet made for a short range of new earrings. Most people have such previous jewellery sitting in a box somewhere gathering dust. I love working with such jewellery and re-imagine them to make them more precious.  Contact me if you a jewellery project to be re-imagined."

Photo (Click for enlargement)