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Artwork, and stories that feed into books and poems are never solely the product of the person holding the tool or pen. They are the product of community, bringing to life our connection with where we are and who we are. Friends and collaborators play an important role in how we feel about ourselves as creative people. Feedback, encouragement when inspiration runs dry, and hands-on assistance and collaborations in projects makes the work of an creative all the more pleasant and effective. We need our community.

Our community also needs us. As a former director of Community Arts Network in Western Australia once said, if we all shared our stories the world would be a better place. The complexities of life, different backgrounds and viewpoints require art, books and poetry to be shared and understood.

There are many organisations working on improving our lives in the community on a day to day basis, in all countries. We ask you to support them. Volunteer. It will make you feel better. Contribute in kind, or with money. The main thing is to do something.

If you would like to keep in touch and find out how Tineke Creations continues to work with community, sign up for our newsletter. On these pages we focus on a few initiatives Tineke Van der Eecken supports and works with.

Recent community news

Save a 200 year old Tuart tree (10/10/2012)

On Sunday 14 October from 5pm a Poets and Tunes for Tuarts event took place at 168 Healy Rd Hamilton Hill. The event was organised by Nandi Chinna, featuring Anna Maria Weldon, John Ryan, Amanda Joy, Kate Kelly, Dave Johnson, Sandie Walker, Tineke Van Der Eecken, Jaya Penelope, Branan Dubh and more.

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Current community events

Launch 2015 collection (08/11/2014)

Tineke Creations presents the launch of her 2015 collection in the Beaconsfield studio on November 8, 2014. The studio will be open from 11AM until 5PM.

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