Full length work

'Café d'Afrique: a Personal Discovery', 280p, Memoir/Travelogue, Tineke Creations, 2012.
'Café d'Afrique', memoir/travelogue, 286p, Memoir/Travelogue, YouwriteOn, 2008.
'Traverse', Memoir/Travelogue, unpublished manuscript, shortlisted for TAG Hungerford Awards 2016.


'For Séraphine' in Live Poets @ Don Bank 25th Anniversary Anthology, 2015.

'For Bert' and 'In Winter' in Poetry d'Amour 2015, editor Nandi Chinna.

'For Séraphine' spoken word, Going Down Swinging #35, 2014.

'Woman', 'Salt Rivers' and 'After the rain stops' in Poetry d'Amour 2014, editor Liana Joy Christensen.

Feature for Uneven Floor, May 2013: includes Parole (with video), For Seraphine, Like a person, Val di Mello (with audio), Plat du jour, A Bark in de Park.

'There's a rose', 'A Coastline', 'At my table' in Creative Connections 2012.
'Ode to Brel', in Out of the Asylum Writers (OOTA) Anthology 2013.
'After the rain stops' and 'Liquid' in Creatrix 20, April 2013.
'Val di Mello' published in 'Poetry d'Amour 2013: Love Poems for Valentine's Day' edited by Dennis Haskell.
'Bush Tucker' published in Famous Reporter 44, December 2012.
'Pixellated You' published in Creatrix 17, June 2012.
'For Séraphine' published in Blackmail Press 31 'Marginalization', January 2012.
'Good Morning' in Creatrix 15, Poetry and Haiku Journal, December 2011.
'Like a Person' & 'Come right', in Creatrix 11, Poetry and Haiku Journal, December 2010.

Short story

'The Convoy' in Dreamcatcher 24, short story, Summer 2011.
'Dive the deep blue' in Indigo 5, short story, Summer 2010.


'Expeditie Madagaskar' in MO*magazine, April 2009.
'A Zambian network of plunder with Belgian fibres' (original title: Een Zambiaans plundernetwerk met Belgische draadjes), feature article in MO*, October 2006.
'Grave concerns - Aboriginal deaths in custody', article, New Internationalist, July 2004.
'Aboriginal sorrow. Aboriginal people in Australian prisons', feature article, MO* July 2003 (Dutch language).
'Flying magistrate crosses last frontier', Het Nieuwsblad/De Gentenaar/Het Volk, articles, 24 March 2004 (Dutch language).