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Our fragile natural world



A new body of work by multidisciplinary artist Tineke Van der Eecken explores the fibres of flora, fauna, and human systems in her show Tributaries. She presents jewellery, small fine metal sculptures, and biological objects formed by corrosion casting, alongside photographic images that represent the life and death thrum of fragile arterial systems: root, river, skeleton, and vein. 

Judy Griffiths

"I found the exhibition enlivening as well as fascinating - and even enticing, and at times charming, as well as exquisite!"

William Yeoman

"Tineke Van der Eecken's latest exhibition gets beneath WA's skin."
in The West Australian

Dr Koral Ward

“The affect of the works ranges from delight to confrontation, invoking visceral reactions. We can look upon Tineke’s handsome skulls and bones and sculptural forms as objects of contemplation, as memento-mori: warnings and admonishments to remember the natural order of emergence and demise... We can wear her fine objects of adornment as talismanic charms to remind us. Remember to live..”
In Garland Magazine 

Biological Art Sculptures

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