Tineke Van der Eecken has been exhibiting her work since 2002.



2019 Fifteen Filigree Years, retrospective exhibition, CoLab2, White Gum Valley and at Gemeentehuis in Sinaai (Belgium)

2013 Into Eternity mini-solo jewellery exhibition at Elements Art Gallery 

2013 ‘Eternal Breath’ biological art at Melody Smith Gallery 

2010 Poetic Jewellery exhibition in Sinaai, Belgium

2004  2 Solo exhibitions Modeshow and Morganics at Monart Studio and Gallery

2004 Red Earth II jewellery exhibition, Sinaai (Belgium)

2003 Red Earth Jewellery exhibition, Sinaai



2020 VISION, JMGA WA Award exhibition, Gallery Central, Northbridge

2020 Re-VIVAL Biodiversity Exhibition, COLAB2, SHAC, White Gum Valley

2018 Re-Imagined women artists exhibition at Memorial Hall, Hamilton Hill

2015 BUST at Kalamunda Arts Centre.

2013 ‘Into Eternity’ mini-solo at Elements Art Gallery 

2013 ‘Eternal Breath’ at Melody Smith Gallery 

2014 ‘Wearable Earth’, Elements Art Gallery/Gadfly Gallery

2014 “Wear, Ware , Where” Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of WA (JMGA) exhibition, Fremantle

2013 ‘Sixes and Sevens’, The Round Room, Hamilton Hill

2013 'Summerset Jewels', JMGA (WA) group exhibition at Maureen Grierson Community Centre, City Beach WA

2012 'Boom' group exhibition, The Oats Factory, East Victoria Park (WA).

2012 'Jewellery A-Fair', group exhibition, Old Bakery on Eight Gallery, Maylands WA.

2012 'Wearable Narratives', Annual Award Exhibition of Contemporary Wearables, Gallery Central, Northbridge (WA)

2011 Exhibition Rock Pool Rythms with Lynn Franke at Elements Art Gallery in Dalkeith (WA) 

2010 Poetic Jewellery exhibition in Sinaai, Belgium

2010 Pink with Stephany Durack, Angela Carter and Simona Milea, private space, West Perth

2009 Jewellery expo in Cottesloe 

2008 Temptation exhibition Friar Gallery Nottingham as Member of Design Factory (UK)

2008 ‘The Third House’ at Ellenbrook Gallery (WA)

2006  “Forest Floor”  Victoria Park (WA) – Sinaai (Belgium) – Newark (UK) 

2005  Feuilles d’Aristoloches, Lille (France) 

2005  Book preview ‘Café d’Afrique’ & jewellery exhibition in Livingstone, Zambia

2005 Gold and Silver exhibition, Monart Studio and Gallery, Dalkeith (WA)

2004 Artware, Old Bakery on Eight

2003 Carry, Old Bakery on Eight

2002  Making Waves, Victoria Park Centre for the Arts, Nov 2002.



2008  Body of wire/textile jewellery in thee Textile Museum, Sint-Niklaas (Belgium).(returned due to renovations at the Museum in 2019)

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