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The word ‘boom’ is wonderfully loaded, an onomatopoeia, to describe a resonant sound of impact ie. a booming voice. Or, it can mean a time of growth and development. Western Australia has been in the grip of a resources boom since 2006. But, what does this mean for the people who live here? What is our individual or collective experience?

Tineke Van der Eecken and fellow women artists explore the phenomena of boom times and give their response to the resource boom in this exhibition, hosted by Perth's newest Contemporary Arts space.

Jill Ansell, Clare Bestow, Vanessa Bradley, Louise Carre, Beba Hall, Georgina Moss, Diana Papenfus, Geraldine Pillinger and Gail Putz regularly get together as 'stich 'n bitch'. Previous group exhibitions include Making Waves I and II, Carry, Forest Floor and The Third House.

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