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'Arborea' sends ripples through remote South West

'Arborea' had a successful first run at The Painted Tree Gallery and a creative workshop hosted by Southern Forest Arts.

"The exhibition was a tremendous opportunity to present to our local residents and visitors to the region a fresh perspective on the role of art as a catalyst/contributor to environmental awareness and activism. The combination of diverse works intrigued exhibition viewers, inviting them into closer reflection on the themes underpinning Tineke’s work. People were often mesmerised by the works of corrosion casting, and the way that Tineke was able to infuse this process into her jewellery, sculptures and digital prints.

Arborea includes a plethora of fascinating objects and ideas that stimulated thought and discussion. For some viewers there was a deep revelation around the notion of our ‘forests being the lungs of our planet’. It was a pleasure and privilege for us to share this exhibition with others and we highly recommend the opportunity to other galleries."

Fiona Sinclair, Southern Forest Arts

Many people travelling the South West visited the Gallery and the half-day workshop offered at the end of the exhibition was well attended by local creatives, both young and old.

"Living in a remote region often means I do not get the opportunity to experience Exhibitions of this class or to be able to participate in workshops with artists as inspiring and proficient as Tineke Van der Eecken."

Tash, Walpole

Receiving these among many more messages of positive feedback makes my heart sing! A huge thank you to Fiona Sinclair for hosting the exhibition and workshop, and to everyone who took the time to engage with the work.

Interested? The Exhibition will be featured at Gallery 152 in York from 30 September to 29 October 2023, for the 2023 York Festival.

Image: Tineke Van der Eecken, Forest Dweller, archival print, 2023.

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