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Fifteen Filigree Years

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

A review of 15 years of creating and exhibiting jewellery and visual art.

Fifteen Filigree Years offers a survey of visual art work by Fremantle artist Tineke Van der Eecken. The work explores the unique textures of plants and trees, and the patterns in our fragile and potent natural environment through fine metals and precious stones, textile, photographs and poems.

The review covers the period since the artist’s first solo show at Monart Studio and Gallery in Dalkeith in 2004. Since then the artist has explored her fascination with the natural environment through travel, collaborations, exhibitions and art residencies.

The artist is proud to present Fifteen Filigree Years at ColAB 2 which is hosted by SHAC, a community of artists dedicated to sustainability and One Planet Living.


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