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Immortal Breath

Melody Smith Gallery + Projects presents ‘Immortal Breath’ an exhibition of new work by artist Tineke Van der Eecken. Using the process of plastination, Van der Eecken prepares the lungs for a technique called ‘corrosion casting’ during a residency at SymbioticA. The beauty and fragility of the lungs is perfectly preserved and then replicated in silver and adorned with semi-precious gems in intricately detailed silver bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants. Immortal Breath will also feature a suite of heavily atmospheric and beautiful photographic works, which serve to illuminate the entirety of the artistic process, including the research and development phase of the project. Immortal Breath offers a poignant and thoughtful perspective on themes of mortality and beauty.

The exhibition opens 9 August 6pm and runs 10-24 August 2013 at the Melody Smith Gallery in East Victoria Park (WA)

Venue: Melody Smith Gallery, 69 Oats Street, East Victoria Park Fee: free Bookings: no booking required

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