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The season of Djeran

Today I feel the Belgian Spring blossoming around me, while in my other home, in Western Australia the colder season of Djeran nourishes the coastal bushland and its wildflowers. Seasons come and go, on either side of the world. More than ever we are aware of the interconnectedness of our precious ecosystems, their delicate survival and the threat posed by climate change with raging fires and devastating storms. We watch out for the return of each bee, tadpole, wildflower, tree. and preservation of what is precious. Our vigilance is called for. My personal response to this rising challenge is to create jewellery from precious nature. To use and re-use precious metals to design and make wearable jewellery. Each piece of jewellery carries a story, inhabits the shape of one of the thousands of Eucalypt and other seeds that are native to Western Australia. I use and re-use gemstones and precious metals from ethical, sustainable sources and celebrate them as a precious resource in a special piece of jewellery, connecting special people. Today, that may be you.

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