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This is tributary work

Three years in the making, and now it is here: Tributaries, an exhibition of works that connect with Western Australia. Before and during the pandemic I have explored the landscapes within and out there, the unique flora and fauna in Western Australia. I have grieved over the loss of habitat due to climate change, and over the impact colonisation has on this precious land and its people. I have visited and walked, looking around, and taking in what presents itself. Some landscapes are seemingly hidden. I needed more than one language to explore this.

Below: Eighty Mile Beach print on aluminium.

The exhibition opened on Friday 5 November 2021, with an official launch by Jude Van der Merwe representing the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial, and is on until 19 December 2021 at the Mundaring Arts Centre. The full catalogue of the exhibition is online.

Above: Devonian Boab, copper wire sculpture with sea urchin pencil spines. Below: This Ochre Land, two finger ring in silver with Mookaite from the Gascoyne region in Western Australia.

" Tributum, our statement of gratitude for

fish, fresh water, arable land. Our thanks

to the goats and the sheep and the cattle

and the pigs. Now there are more of them than us."

from 'Tributum' poem.

Above: Tread Lightly, vascular corrosion cast of horse hooves courtesy of Dr Christophe Casteleyn and Dr Sofie Muylle, Animal Morphology Museum, University of Ghent.


An article 'In the flow' in Garland magazine by Dr Koral Ward reflects on the body of work presented in this exhibition. "This is tributary work..."

Left: with Dr Koral Ward at the launch of Tributaries at Mundaring Arts Centre.

Tineke Van der Eecken


With special thanks to IOTA 21 and LotteriesWest, Mundaring Arts Centre and to the Department of Local Government, Sports and Recreation and Cultural Industries of Western Australia.

Finally, there is also Counterpoint at Stala Contemporary Gallery, an exhibition of contemporary jewellery for the Indian Ocean Craft Triennial, which is on until 20 November 2021.

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