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I am honoured and proud that Art On The Move (AOTM) has selected the TRIBUTARIES exhibition to tour around Western Australia and beyond from 2023 to 2025. As the only Western Australian organisation dedicated to touring visual art exhibitions throughout the regions, interstate and beyond, AOTM plays a critical role in connecting art, people, and place. Galleries and Museums around Western Australia will shortly be offered an opportunity to schedule the exhibition in their program of events.

I feel immensely grateful for this opportunity. From the onset, I wanted this exhibition convey a story to audiences far beyond our coastal wetlands of Bibra Lake and North Lake to Perth's the urban areas. In TRIBUTARIES my images of unique habitats and places around rural Western Australia I adore for their biodiversity including Fitzgerald River National Park, Denmark (WA), Lake Clifton in the Peel region, Badgingarra, the Kimberley region and Eighty Mile Beach. I created precious jewellery and small metal sculptures designed around not only gems and rocks and castings of native plant seeds to depict the preciousness of these places. As a lover of animals, I chose to bring a focus to the world of native animals and their threatened lives as the biodiversity of our natural world is under threat from climate change and the continued impact of human settlement and industrial development.

As a migrant I bring my own perspective and include artwork referring to farm animals such as horse and sheep, introduced by settlers, adding their own story to the vulnerability of Western Australia's natural world. Regional audiences will relate to these, though their represented forms will be novel. The series of corrosion casts in this exhibition brings new 3-dimensional sculptural forms, such as sheep and horse vascular systems and lung trees, created on the cusp of art and science. They too are depictions of tributary work, connecting our bodies to the body of our planet earth, its river systems, its plants and trees.

I look forward to sharing these images and stories of vulnerability with audiences in the regional areas and beyond. There will be workshops to engage in creative making with metal wire, and artist talks to engage in conversations. I could not be happier and more confident that the exhibition will be in good hands with Art On The Move. Further news and details on dates and locations will follow.

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