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I am really excited about my first full-length poetry collection.

A new poetry publication by Mulla Mulla Press, 2022.


"Each poem in A place to land is a finely crafted heirloom. This is a collection fused with love, with grief, one where romance and myth merge to create lush landscapes. At times, languages other than English brim inside this book, creating portals into worlds beyond our own, yet they are worlds Van der Eecken guides us through with a paternal love. This is a collection full of elegance, of vigour, of a passion for words and how we carry them."


Scott-Patrick Mitchell 


"Tineke Van der Eecken conjures with words. Her poetry is a raft — both frail and sturdy — that can cross the treacherous and fertile oceans of nature and culture. Food, stories, language are rendered strange and intimately familiar, by turns. In these pages, readers will discover many places to land and contemplate the diversity of our shared humanity."


Liana Joy Christensen


"As this poetry soars over the many continents of Tineke’s life, it repeatedly reveals places to land. It is fascinating terrain: with unflinching honesty she tracks love’s tenacity and trauma’s residue. Her range of subjects is vast, born of lived experience. But although they encompass the panoptic gaze of a visionary scanning past and future, these poems delight in the discipline of detail, forensic and personal. A virtuoso linguist, this poet remains accessible and enjoyable. 


In Sisters “You and me, a forest of trapped thunder.” Separated by migration from her mother she writes “Your gaze bends the curve / of my earth”.  


Tineke’s words are clues scattered at a desecrated crime scene, transformed by her journey into way-finders on a heroic, mythic search for gold. She becomes a ‘Conjure woman’: “Dress with beads of fury, / be cursed by desire./ Bury your treasure with a spell.”


Annamaria Weldon

A Place to Land

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