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Traverse is my second full-length book, based on a true story.

"Traverse, a travel memoir, charts the unfolding disintegration of a marriage and a woman’s last-ditch attempt to rescue it by taking a difficult and dangerous trek with her husband.
The landscape of Madagascar proves as rocky as her relationship, and the path forward must be hacked through harsh, uncharted jungle. The terrain, in particular the powerful Bemarivo River, brings her face to face with her own limitations and demons from her past. It forces her to find the strength for this rite of passage and to reconsider her future.
By pushing through a physical feat of endurance and closely examining the emotional truth of her situation in a challenging test of resilience, she must finally resolve her own and her husband’s future, for herself and for her family.
Traverse is a forensic examination of the denouement of a fractured marriage. Here you will find love, confrontation and resolution in a dangerous but captivating land."



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