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Timeless designs created just for you


Getting engaged and married is one of the most amazing milestones in one’s life! However buying beautiful jewellery that remains wearable for a lifetime is not always that easy. So why not have an engagement ring designed with only that one special person in mind. Afterwards you can have wedding bands designed that match the engagement ring.

If you would like to have something created then the sky is the limit. During a consultation (either via e-mail/ phone or in the studio) with Tineke Van der Eecken you will be able to discuss possibilities and preferences and you will be given design options along with some quotes. We will integrate your own gold or diamonds to not only help with cost but also add that personal and family heritage dimension. You will have the choice to have your rings made in silver, gold (white/yellow in 9, 14 or 18 karat), or a combination of silver and gold. You can also chose from a varied collection of precious stones. We love to include the natural world, such as the bark of a native tree, or an uncut gem. Anything is possible if you allow us to think creatively and not be limited by your own imagination.

Feeling creative? Why not take designing wedding bands to another level and book a free consultation.

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